JUNE 9, 1997

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Bothell approves new police station

police station My compliments go to you 6,432 Bothell voters who, by 64.4%, overwhelmingly approved a new police station. Your votes gave the City authority to issue general obligation bonds, bonds to purchase land and build a new police station and emergency operations center (EOC). You saw the need for an EOC: You acted on that need.
   It is good to know that our new police station will provide safe and efficient working conditions for our police officers and staff, conditions that will help them serve Bothell's citizens more efficiently day-to-day or during a disaster. Their jobs are important to Bothell's well-being. So your "yes" votes were a resounding thank you to our police staff for their past, present, and future service.
   Thanks go also to the citizen's committee. That 64.4% "yes" vote on May 20th simply would not have happened without their unselfish efforts. You committee members took time to communicate the urgent message, a message that resounded on election day! Thanks for a job well done!
   Now your Council and City staff can get busy and make Bothell's new police station a reality. Watch for progress reports in the Bothell Bylines newsletter and in the pages of Northlake News as we fulfill your mandate.

Michael W. Noblet, Councilmember, City of Bothell