JUNE 9, 1997

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Juvenile crime solutions

juvenile crime One may think that juvenile crime is not a problem for the people of the United States, or even for the people of the state of Washington. How many times a month do you hear about a juvenile crime on the news? Probably not once or twice a month.
   The only crimes that we as people hear about are those that are drastic enough to be put on the news. For example, a drive-by shooting, or a young adult that has killed their parents or any other person. We do not hear about the robberies and rapes that juveniles commit somewhere in the U.S. on an average of once every 45 seconds.
   What can be done to try and keep juveniles off of the streets? A curfew may be a temporary fix, but if a teen wants to commit a crime, he or she will do it with or without a curfew. We know that teens do not obey curfew laws. Therefore, two things need to be done. The first is to take the most violent juveniles off the streets so they do not influence the younger "wannabe's." The second solution is to build community a center that is open until all hours of the day that would provide basketball, weight lifting, racquetball, etc. This would keep many of the younger juveniles off the streets and doing something productive.
   The above solutions need to be brought to the attention of the public. If we start with the little things, such as taking one violent juvenile off the streets and help one young juvenile stay productive, then we can start solving the problem. It is things like this that help make the future better for the children growing up.

Mike Russell, Bothell