JUNE 9, 1997

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No freedom without sacrifice

freedom & sacrifice Having gone to the GAR Cemetery on Memorial Day (Grand Army of the Republic; those Civil War veterans who died for our country), it made me realize we are here because so many of them are there at the cemetery.
   There is no freedom without sacrifice, no benefits without effort and no critics without an established freedom of expression. And there would have been no immigrants from any country to the U.S. if it were not for the young people sacrificing their lives.
   Outside struggles bring about a unity of purpose such as we experienced in the acquisition of Canterbury Square. By working together, we accomplished that which seemed impossible.
   It is a pattern which we Americans have followed for generations. We have our heroes still in place, as Machiavelli, the revolutionary, stated: "...In order to conquer a country, you must first destroy their heroes, lest they remember there was a better day."
   We in Canterbury Square represent a rarity of generations that through our behavior, we have and will encourage young people not only to work with their minds, but with their hearts filled with compassion.

George Scrimshaw, Woodinville