JUNE 9, 1997

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Conditional Use permit application for amphitheater withdrawn

permit withdrawn Remlinger Farms had applied for a Conditional Use permit to the Carnation Planning Commission for the purpose of hosting family entertainment concerts primarily in the summer season. I withdrew our request last week due to my sense that the community is uncertain about the potential impact that the famiy entertainment-style concerts might have on their way of life.
   I thought it would be a positive thing for the community. I have spent the last 30 years building my family farm in such a way to provide much-needed interactive family farm entertainment, and I felt that a small, outdoor concert site, where families with children could enjoy interactive farm activities such as steam train rides, pony rides, farm puppet shows, etc. already available at the farm, and also sit and picnic while listening to good, wholesome music, would fit the goal of Remlinger Farms and meet a need in the community.
   We designed the concert site to fit the theme of the family farm. The concert site plans called for an outdoor area made up entirely of grass, shrubs, and flowers. Bathroom and washing facilities, as well as the concert stage, were to be portable. We had also designed the site to minimize any noise that might have resulted from the concerts.
   In addition to two or three occasional summer concerts, we had considered holding a 4th of July concert in conjunction with the City of Carnation's 4th of July Celebration, which would have featured an old-fashion brass band playing patriotic music and possibly a Christmas concert featuring a live nativity and carols for a family sing-a-long.
   The concerts were to be held on weekend afternoons in conjunction with normal family activities such as steam train rides, pony rides, moon-walks, farm animal viewing, inflatable slides, and farm puppet shows, already offered at the farm. Not only would the concerts have provided family entertainment, they would have provided revenue to the City of Carnation. As part of the conditional use permit, I requested that the City tax the concerts to help offset or possibly even eliminate the annual police levy. I also insisted that the Conditional Use permit be written in such a way to limit the concerts to family-oriented music events only, and concert security and traffic control needs were to have paid for by Remlinger Farms.

Gary Remlinger, Carnation