JUNE 9, 1997

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I know it's only Carnation, but I like it!

Carnation When we relocated to this area from Glens Falls, New York, just five short years ago, we chose a home in Carnation primarily due to economic considerations; but also because Carnation was in an area surrounded with natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. What I never suspected at that time was that I would come to regard Carnation's greatest treasure as the people who lived there.
   As I reluctantly prepare to make another cross-country move, I'd like to thank all those in Carnation (both the old-timers and more recent arrivals) who welcomed us into the community, treated us like old friends, and shared Carnation with us so unselfishly. It has been these qualities shared by the majority of folks in Carnation that have made it a truly beautiful place to live, and a beauty that I hope remains unspoiled.
   Thanks again for sharing your city and your friendship with us, and best wishes to you all.

Dave VanDerZee, Carnation, WA/Jacksonville, FL