JUNE 9, 1997

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More thoughts on the 124th Ave NE Novelty Bridge closure

Novelty Bridge Two comprehensive letters have already been addressed to the editor regarding the road closure for replacement of the bridge on 124th Avenue NE in the Snoqualmie Valley (David Kern and Collette Reams on May 19th).
   Rather than reiterate their sentiments, I wish to further address two issues. Firstly, Valley residents need to contact Louise Miller (296-1003), our representative on the King County Council, before the 1998-99 budget is finalized so that we can shake the money tree for a study of the flooding problem on 124th. What is the point of closing the road for a whole year to rebuild the bridge if the issue of repeated closures due to flooding isn't going to be addressed? Several of the engineers at the intial public meeting explained various potential solutions to me. They also told me nothing would be done unless County money was allocated for a study. If we can spend $34,000 for "artwork" for the bridge, why can't we also spend a relatively small amount for a solution to the flooding problem?
   My other issue of concern is the impending traffic nightmare. I don't believe that a few off-duty police and some creative "signal timing" will do much to mitigate the problem. As Mr. Kern stated in his letter of May 19th, we all know how bad it can get during flooding closures. Have any of the project engineers witnessed what happens at the junction of West Snoqualmie Valley Road and Woodinville-Duvall Road when 124th is blocked? I doubt it.
   I believe that most Snoqualmie Valley residents really aren't aware of the pending situation. They will wake up only when January 1, 1999 arrives and it's too late. Perhaps if a loud-enough expression of shock is heard NOW by the County Council, additional funding will be made available to design flood mitigation and traffic control measures before it is too late.

Deborah Zuber, Carnation