JUNE 9, 1997

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Seniors get look at DWI results

DWI reenactment

Seniors at Woodinville High School watched as fire crews pulled bodies of their classmates from a two-car drunk driving accident reenactment on June 3.
Photo by Andrew Walgamott/Northwest News.

DWI demonstration Combining familiar faces with a bloody scene, fire, police, school, and legal officials gave WHS seniors a realistic look at a drunk driving accident, from death and injuries to what responding emergency crews go through.
   "I promise you, we see one or two of you a year," said Dave Leggett, of the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District, to the seniors. During the second half of the presentation, students listened to Bob Bruce, who lost two sons and their girlfriends in a fatal drunk driving accident.
   Sgt. Krogh of the Woodinville Police says the WHS drill, run for the third time, is still effective even if it reaches one person. "If you reach a small group of people, you've made some headway," Krogh said.