JUNE 9, 1997

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Northshore students recognized by John Hopkins

Celebration of Talent 20 fifth and sixth grade students from the Northshore School District were recognized at the 1997 Celebration of Talent at the University of Washington on June 1. John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth recognized these students for their outstanding verbal and/or mathematical abililities.
   Fifth and sixth-grade students who scored at or above the verbal or quantitative mean scores of eighth or ninth grade students, respectively, on the PLUS Academic Abilities Assessment received certificates of merit and special awards.
   Northshore students recognized were:   Colin Bayer from Woodin received a special award for being the top scorer in math in sixth grade for the entire state. Ashley Keiman from Woodin tied for 2nd place in fifth grade math for the entire state.
   These students are then given the PLUS test which is designed for students three grade levels higher. Those who score in the top 55 percent are then able to participate in summer school programs specifically designed for their talents.