JUNE 9, 1997

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Woodin students turn on the water

drinking fountain

Back, left to right: Kalisha Mickalich, Devon Swafford, Lea Dunn, Mr. Bob Greene, William Brickman, Allan Myers, Ryan Smith, Shareen Murphy. Front: Breann Rubbo, Kanam Wolf, Erik Turtle-Davis.
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Northwest News.

drinking fountain Unlike many elementary schools, Woodin did not have an exterior drinking fountain. This meant that students could not have a drink of water during their recesses, and on weekends, children on the playground had no water.
   The sixth grade students of Mrs. Swain recognized the problem and set out to provide a solution. Northshore maintenance director Doug Yates gave the go-ahead, and on May 28, Mrs. Swain's class worked with the district maintenance crew, headed by Bob Greene, to break up the existing wall and connect the pipes.