The Edwards Agency

JUNE 16, 1997


Making it safe to surf

Internet commerce by Teresa S. Maher
People are skittish enough about using their credit cards to buy goods and services over the Internet without adding the anxiety of running into a fly-by-night company online. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has the following suggestions for shopping in cyberspace:   When you buy online, you don't necessarily know where the physical "store" is located, so where would you take a complaint? To help build consumer confidence in online commerce, the Better Business Bureau is going to cyberspace with its online consumer protection initiative, entitled BBB OnLine. Here's how it works: Qualified companies that commit to the high BBB OnLine program standards are authorized by the BBB to display a unique BBB OnLine seal at their Web sites and in their online advertising. When you spot the seal and "click to check," you are connected to the BBB OnLine site ( where you can check out the company's reliability report.

Teresa S. Maher is Director of Public Relations & Communications for the Better Business Bureau.