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JUNE 16, 1997


Letters to the Editor

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Good things noted

good things Woodinville has the distinction of being designated a Tree City U.S.A. Driving through a Tree City U.S.A. in Massachusetts, it became very clear to me why we wanted that designation.

Hiking trails need cleanup from storms

hiking trails All people who love hiking in the summer should clean up trails when the snows melt, because during the winter, there were heavy snows and ice storms that knocked down trees, branches, and limbs over the trails, and many trails have washed away.

Development impact fees

impact fees Woodinville Councilmember Barbara Solberg is right about the multiplier effect and housing price effects caused by development impact fees. The City of Redmond decided against school impact fees because of such effects.

Hooterville Safehaus a community outreach

Hooterville Safehaus Do you feel that your donations aren't helping the local community? One great local outreach is Hooterville Safehaus, which is an animal shelter where euthanization is not an option, unless an animal's illness makes it necessary.

People not fully aware of dangers of HIV

HIV dangers According to surveys, people are seriously underestimating the danger of AIDS. Although AIDS is the leading killer among men and women ages 25-44, a 1996 survey showed that 62% of that age group believed they were at no risk at all for contracting AIDS.

As if student was never there

missing picture Alexander Wenk will be taking back to his home in Germany many mementos of his year in America: photos, a Sonics T-shirt, a snowboard, and his Cedarcrest High School annual, which is missing something--his picture and his name.

Medalia committed to caring for residents of Duvall

healthcare commitment Healthcare delivery across the country is in a state of rapid change. Here in Duvall, we've all witnessed some of these changes. For example, Medalia HealthCare joined the community just two years ago, bringing a new name to NE Valley Street.

Coddling by Riverview School Board

inadequate discipline I am appalled by the decision handed down by the members of the board of the Riverview School District! If this is how the board is inclined to deal with drunkenness and abusive language, it shows a reprehensible lack of support for the staff and students at Cedarcrest.