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JUNE 16, 1997


Good things noted

good things I have seen some good things happening that I want to share with you.
   In the course of attending our son's law school graduation (yes, we are very proud of him, always have been), we toured parts of upstate New York and Massachusetts. Woodinville has the distinction of being designated a Tree City U.S.A. Driving through a Tree City U.S.A. in Massachusetts, it became very clear to me why we wanted that designation. As our streets become corridors of graceful green, our drivers and pedestrians will feel embraced by this welcoming beauty. Significantly, the trees were pruned with a wedge in the middle, allowing power lines to pass through them unobstructed. Our Tree Board and Urban Forestry Program will guide us in achieving our goals.
   City Halls come in all sizes and styles of architecture, with flags flying. Historical markers were so prevalent, informing us of events and places otherwise lost to us. I want our city to have a similar program for our history.
   Returning to this fair city, I was honored to be a panelist for the graduating seniors' "Capstone Project" at Woodinville High School. Panelists listened to each senior present his/her research project, then grade the presentation on eight criteria. Each one was interesting, thoughtful, and informative. I was impressed! Their teachers and parents should be proud of them!
   Luckily, we had bought tickets early for the Woodinville High School Theatre Company's presentation of West Side Story. Our cushioned, down-front seats, for a couple of dollars more, allowed us to fully concentrate on the talented and professional musical performance under Mr. Hjalmer Anderson's direction. Put their productions on your calendars for next year.
   There are some good things you can do to help keep good things happening: come to our Council meetings for a few or several minutes (a great civics lesson for students) and purchase a brick to get our park off the ground! Some of us remember the hydro races on the Slough--maybe someone out there would donate a tile to commemerate those happy events. Call City Hall.
   There are good things happening which involve our young people, too. I look forward to all of us creating more "good things" here. I look forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Solberg, Woodinville City Council