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JUNE 16, 1997


Hiking trails need cleanup from storms

hiking trails I think that all people who love hiking in the summer in the high country should clean up trails when the snows melt, because during the winter, there were heavy snows and ice storms. These storms knocked down trees, branches, and limbs over the trails, and many trails have washed away. The hiking season will be short, and unless we clean up the trails, it will not be fun.
   If you hike frequently, you know that trees that have fallen across trails are a pain. You either have to go over or go around a tree. All we need to do is take chain saws up and cut the part that is blocking the trail. It is so simple. Just doing this would reduce the need of making new trails while trying to go around the tree.
   One of the biggest factors this summer will be fixing the places on the trail that have eroded. Last year, there were many places that eroded, especially on the trails that were used heavily, and only about half of them were fixed. With the amount of precipitation that fell last winter, the trails will have eroded even more. We would somehow need to transport dirt to the eroded areas to fix them. To limit erosion the following year, rocks and logs should be placed below or on the side of the eroded places.
   Waterbars are another good thing to be made. These are logs that are put across the trail in areas that see a lot of water runoff. This creates a canal where the water will go, instead of the water going across the whole trail.
   Again, we need to clean up trails, fix eroded trails, and remove trees and other objects that are in the way on the trail. Otherwise, this summer's hiking will not be enjoyable.

Daisuke Sakuma, Bothell