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JUNE 16, 1997


Hooterville Safehaus a community outreach

Hooterville Safehaus Do you feel that your donations aren't helping the local community? One great local outreach is Hooterville Safehaus, which is an animal shelter where euthanization is not an option, unless an animal's illness makes it necessary.
   Hooterville Safehaus gives food, shelter, medical attention, and much needed TLC to homeless dogs and cats until loving, responsible, permanent homes can be found. The dogs and cats at Hooterville Safehaus come for a variety of reasons. Some of the animals are left behind when their families move. Others are saved from abusive situations, but cannot be cared for by their heroes or heroines. Older animals come when their lifetime companions pass away or cannot care for them anymore. Hooterville Safehaus also works with the animal control and veterinary care workers around the area to save adoptable cats and dogs.
   Hooterville Safehaus can only manage 150 animals in their system at one time, due to lack of funds, caretakers, and space. Thanks to many foster care homes, many of the dogs and cats can await their loving new families to come and adopt them with a family instead of a kennel. Hooterville Safehaus has to turn away pets every day. Thanks to the generosity of the public, Hooterville Safehaus has placed 231 dogs, 357 cats, and 296 kittens in 1996 alone.
   You, the public, can help a local outreach and see the results. Hooterville Safehaus helps the local community by accepting stray unwanted dogs and cats that may be wandering your streets and neighborhood. In addition, Hooterville Safehaus neuters/spays every animal four months of age or older to stop overpopulation of unwanted animals. Hooterville Safehaus can be contacted at (425) 488-4444.

Kristin Lovas, Bothell