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JUNE 16, 1997


As if student was never there

missing picture Alexander Wenk will be taking back to his home in Germany many mementos of his year in America: photos, a Sonics T-shirt, a snowboard, and his Cedarcrest High School annual. The scholastic record of friends, teachers, and good times is missing something--his picture and his name.
   It's as if Alex was never there. His sponsor, Jim Lynch, didn't fare much better. There are a couple snapshots of him, but not his portrait. In fact, about 90 students are missing from the total of 709. Alex is angry both because of the cost ($40) and the response of the advisor, Mark Lovre: "Bummer."
   The index boasts of classmates mentioned in fun: Brad Pitt, Shawn Kemp, and Gary Payton--several fake "students." Of course, their names weren't meant to really be included, they just helped to hide the fact that the number of students wasn't coming out right.
   "What am I going to tell my family and friends back home?" Alex asked mournfully. Still, he fared better than his sponsor did the year before. His burgundy volume with his name, "James Lynch," engraved in gold lettering, was stolen during his school lunch.

Susan Wolf