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JUNE 16, 1997


Coddling by Riverview School Board

inadequate discipline I am appalled by the decision handed down by the members of the board of the Riverview School District! I feel that if this is how the board is inclined to deal with drunkenness and abusive language to the teaching staff of our high school by any student, it shows a reprehensible lack of support for the staff and other students at Cedarcrest. If this is how this board rules, perhaps we are in need of a board recall vote at the earliest possible date.
   When those members made this decision, they sent a message to all students that the behavior of the four students in question is acceptable for all. How did these kids (drunk and disorderly) get to school? Did they drive? How much more damage could they have done to the community? How will they learn responsibility for their actions as they enter society as adults?
   Heaven help us if these are our leaders of tomorrow coddled by the Board of the Riverview School Board of today.

Jeanne Venables & Mary Venables, Carnation