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JUNE 16, 1997

Local News

Staggered terms set for planning commissioners

Honors go to retiring commissioners for jobs well done

planning commissioners by Andrew Walgamott
The Woodinville City Council approved the staggering of the terms of Planning Commissioners so that no more than two would be replaced in one year. Under the current system, four terms expire July 2, 1997, and three terms come up in 1999.
   Designed to provide a continuum of knowledge on land use and design policies, the new system would extend the terms of Commissioners Gina Leonard and Len McNally by one year to 1998 and add a year to Commissioner Jim Clayton's term, extending it to 2000. There will be no change to Commissioners Gareth Grube's and Cherry Jarvis's terms, which come up in 1999. The terms of Commissioners Nathalie McRoberts and Cliff Williams expire in July, and they will be leaving the commission.
   By spacing out terms, the ordinance would limit the turnover to two commissioners each year except for one year when only one term would come up. Woodinville Planning Director Ray Sturtz said this was a one-time action to realign the commission.
   "We'll avoid a majority of the Planning Commission leaving in one fell swoop," Sturtz said.
   Commissioners serve four-year terms and can serve two consecutive terms. After a period of non-service to be determined by the city council, commissioners who have previously served can apply again.
   Councilmember Lucy DeYoung has suggested that Woodinville set up all of its commissions in this way. The Planning Commission is a long-range planning advisory panel to the City Council.

Council recognizes good work by Williams and McRoberts
   The city council recognized Commissioners Nathalie McRoberts and Cliff Williams for their service on the Planning Commission. Both MacRoberts and Williams have served since inception of the commission in June 1993. McRoberts and Williams were presented with certificates of recognition from the council during recent meetings.
   Planning Director Ray Sturtz said that McRoberts lent financial and banking knowledge to the commission and chaired as the Housing Citizens Panel. McRoberts and her husband are moving to Arizona.
   Williams brought his engineering background to bear on transportation, utility, and infrastructure issues in the Comprehensive Plan, according to Sturtz.