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JUNE 23, 1997



editorial When our staff reporter, Andrew Walgamott, got into a Woodinville police car on Saturday evening to ride a shift with an officer, little did we know that he would be the first media person at the scene of the discovery of a body near the railroad tracks at NE 145th St.

Guest Editorial

A request to graduates

graduates' opinions by Bob Chase, President, National Education Association
This month, millions of young men and women just like you will be graduating from America's public schools. We, your teachers, extend our deepest congratulations to all of you.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are welcome and encouraged. Please send them to us at: P.O. Box 587 or 13342 NE 175th St. (Woodgate Mall); Woodinville, WA 98072; or deliver them to our office. They may also be faxed to (206) 486-7593. Letters must be signed and must include a daytime telephone number for confirmation. They may be edited.

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Woodinville City Council needs humor

Woodinville City Council Occasionally I read a letter to the editor which objects to something that the Woodinville City Council has done. And sometimes writers write that Council members are voted into office implying that they should be voted out of office.

Development regulations

development regulations The city's proposal that "new commercial, office, and industrial development shall provide at least 5 percent of the site as recreation space for employees and others to a maximum of five acres" is a shocker.

The public's right to know

right to know As a result of the disastrous June 9 City Council meeting and subsequent Woodinville Weekly article of June 16, there are some comments that need to be made to the community I represent.

A heartfelt thank you

thank you A heartfelt thank you to the Kirkland and Woodinville Kiwanis for their hard work and efforts last Saturday at Children's Country Home in Woodinville.

Reach out to special people

special people It's hard to believe that in today's society, with all the exposure that handicapped people are now getting, that people with mental disabilities are still misunderstood. Being misunderstood can hurt so much, but there is only so much one person can do.

Recognizing Cedarcrest graduates

Cedarcrest graduates It is always a great feeling to see yourself on the news or in a newspaper article. I had graduated from Cedarcrest High School in Duvall last Thursday night, June 12th. I was very excited, for my class had voted me to speak at graduation in place of our valedictorian.

Carnation concerns

Carnation concerns There was a recent letter about how Carnation has gussied up a bit; a much-needed facelift for City Hall, the awesome makeover of Pete's Club (money in City Hall coffers when it opens for business), and some work on Cedar Log.