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JUNE 23, 1997



editorial When our staff reporter, Andrew Walgamott, got into a Woodinville police car on Saturday evening to ride a shift with one of Woodinville's finest, little did we know that he would be the first media person at the scene of the discovery of a body near the railroad tracks at NE 145th Street. As of press time, the body has not been officially identified, but it is assumed to be that of a Kingsgate woman who has been missing for almost a month.
   Our staff and the community are equally shocked that this could happen in our town. The reality is that violence now touches our lives on a regular basis, so often that probably many of us have grown numb to similar tragedies in the news every day.
   Numb, that is, until violence happens close to home, and then there is shock, horror, and the feeling that this is "different" from the other incidents. This is someone we could know or have seen in our community. The victim becomes a real person.
   Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this victim.
   As a community, we must realize that there is much work to be done to help prevent people from harming others. We must continue to work to "stop the violence" and teach alternative behaviors for anger.
   As individuals, we must learn to control our own anger and build self-esteem in others by treating them with respect and encouragement. And we must recognize the serious impact that this incident has on the family and the community and not ever be indifferent to violence.