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JUNE 23, 1997


Recognizing Cedarcrest graduates

Cedarcrest graduates It is always a great feeling to see yourself on the news or in a newspaper article, and especially so when it is not expected.
   I had graduated from Cedarcrest High School in Duvall last Thursday night, June 12th. I was very excited, for my class had voted me to speak at graduation in place of our valedictorian. I had worked on my speech for about a week beforehand and felt very prepared about delivering it during the ceremony. I talked in my speech about the many positive achievements my class had made and the efforts they had put forth to reach that day, our graduation day.
   Four students chose to break school policy, and therefore, it was thought that they were to be punished. These four students were allowed to walk in the ceremony, as Channel 7 [KIRO TV, Seattle] reported. Of the 109 graduates, 105 followed the rules and were not given any recognition. Of the 109 graduates, 4 broke the rules and were given recognition by Channel 7, as well as by others.
   Explain how this is fair. It is as though they are encouraging us to make negative choices so that we can be recognized. I encourage Channel 7 and all others who present information to the public to focus more on the positive events that take place rather than the negative, because 105 well-deserving graduates were left in the shadows of those who did wrong.

Brook Gehring, CHS graduate