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JUNE 23, 1997


Carnation concerns

Carnation concerns There was a recent letter about how Carnation has gussied up a bit; a much-needed facelift for City Hall, the awesome makeover of Pete's Club (money in City Hall coffers when it opens for business), and some work on Cedar Log (not so noticeable because he keeps it up).
   Last but certainly not least, Sterling's gift of landscaping to the Seniors is so lovely; we enjoy it every day. So why did Morrison hire an unknown (to us) landscaper from Tacoma for a city job? Tacoma! Bummer! Why am I not surprised? Why didn't the city stop him?
   "No" to Swiftwater 4. A story in the paper says it looks like Connor's original plan to complete by the end of the summer isn't going to happen. I was on the Planning Commission for Swiftwater 1. The Planning Commission and city government representing the citizens O.K.'d first, then King County agencies. Looks like they have the cart before the horse. I thoroughly disapprove of excavating land between some lots and Tolt River for 14 homes buildup--15,800 cubic yards, all in the flood plain. That sounds like tempting Mother Nature. In the next flood, Tolt River might make a new channel right down Tolt Avenue.
   I regret that Gary (Remlinger) withdrew his application for an amphitheatre for early evening, family-oriented concerts. We hear of the need for someplace for kids to go. As for traffic, we already have it. Several years ago, the word got out that Carnation was a great place to live. They came; they are still coming. They commute, usually 2 cars to a family, to work, shopping, etc. So why the opposition to summer music?

Marguerite Ensley, Carnation