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JUNE 23, 1997


Oscar Roloff: Old farm yields a slice of local history

Oscar Roloff Over 25 years ago, I used to see an old rustic red barn, a silo, a leaning shed with a 100-year-old buggy inside, a milk house, and to one side, a huge stately old two-story farm house. It was a real humdinger example of the rural past.

'This is a gift I give to myself'

woodcarver Woodinville resident Keith Moen began to carve objects out of wood two and a half years ago, not knowing it would soon become a major passion in his life.

What's happening in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Residents of Hong Kong have not forgotten that the main raison d'etre of their territory is to make money. And so they are using the pending "Handover" of Hong Kong--from British to Chinese sovereignty--to make more money.

Mystery photo

Mystery photo Can you guess where this photo was taken?