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JUNE 23, 1997


college graduates

Northshore college graduates

   Sharry Olsen, Woodinville High School, graduated May 17th from University of Idaho (Moscow, Idaho) with a bachelor of science in microbiology Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

   Elizabeth Caitlin Horn, Woodinville, received her bachelor of arts degree from the University of Michigan.
   Jeanette Marie Bowers, Woodinville, was awarded a Juris Doctor (Law) degree from the University of Oklahoma.

   Kevin Mackey, Woodinville, earned his bachelor of arts degree in economics from Pacific Lutheran University.

   Woodinville's Carin Seppa was awarded a bachelor of arts degree in business management at Whitworth College.

   Graduates from Washington State University included:
   Bothell: Scott C. Anderson, B.S. in Crop Science; Bradie J. Beasley, B.A. in Human Development; Kristen M. Boatman, B.A. in Communication; Melissa E. Clark, B.A. in Education (T); Traci L. Davis, B.A. in Business Administration; Emily J. Hankins, B.S. in Kinesiology; Brett J. Heinemann, B.S. in Psychology; Camille E. Helt, B.S. in Zoology; David W.R. Jones, B.S. in Psychology (Cum Laude); Scott T. Marshall, B.A. in Business Administration; Shannon B. Milner, B.A. in Child, Consumer, and Family Studies (T); Amy L. Nelson, B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences; Taunya L. Nordness, B.A. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration; Karen J. Small, B.S. in Landscape Architecture; Ryan J. Soethe, B.A. in Business Administration; Noah B. Stanik, B.A. in Communications (Cum Laude); Ai-Chu Sun, B.A. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration; Julianne Tjossem, B.A. in Social Sciences; and Amy E.J. Trulson, B.A. in Interior Design (Cum Laude).
   Duvall: William B. Hudson, B.A. in Communications (Cum Laude); Jason S. Means, B.A. in History; Travis L. Means, B.A. in Social Studies; and Bianca Schlueter, B.S. in Agriculture (Cum Laude).
   Fall City: Christopher K. Brown, B.S. in Architectural Studies and B.A. in Architecture; Jason A. Child, Doctor of Pharmacy; Cassandra D. Cisneros, B.A. in Criminal Justice; and Gina L. Sherard, B.A. in Education (Cum Laude) (T).
   Mill Creek: Kelly A. Klemm, B.S. in Psychology; Robert C. McLaughlin, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; and James R. Walker III, B.A. in Business Administration.
   Woodinville: Tyson J. Anyan, B.A. Business Administration; Edward D. Baker, B.A. in Communication; Christina M. Bryant, B.A. in Humanities; Heather A. Flanagan, B.A. in Sociology, Nathan G. Rich, Criminal Justice; Matthew B. Laccinole, B.A. in Civil Engineering; Stefanie K. Magill, B.S. in Kinesiology (Cum Laude); Shannon E. Moore, B.S. in Zoology; Peter R. Mueller, B.A. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration (Cum Laude); Dawn M. Saslow, B.A. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration; and Kristine L. Savoie, B.A.in Communications.

   Western Washington University graduates at the end of Winter Quarter included:
   Bothell: BA--Chris Allen Fix, Stein Andrew Hugus, Richard Andrew Okerson. BS--Marc Edgar Turnbull.
   Brier: BA--Stephen Michael Ward.
   Mill Creek: BA--Kristen Lynn Woelfert.
   Monroe: BA--Christine Lynn Armey, Lara Gene Bowles. BS--Darin Jay Nelson.
   Woodinville: BA--Dan Marshal Gerttula, Kathryn Marie Peterson, Carrie Ann Richards, Laura C. Sebastiani, Carrie Lynn Smith. BS--Paul Joseph Roney.

   Woodinville resident Jenny Lou McGuire received a bachelor of sciences degree in liberal studies from Oregon State University.

   Courtney Rose Williams, daughter of Ralph Johnson and Temi Johnson, graduated from the Univerity of Colorado School of Medicine with a doctor of medicine degree.

   Carrie Smetana and Andrea Lynch have graduated from Whitman College. Smetana, a psychology major, is the daughter of Dennis Egan and Caroline Smetana of Woodinville. Lynch, also a psychology major, is the daughter of Brian and Nancy Lynch of Woodinville.

   Gary Conklin, Amanda Gavlak, Robert Miller, and Shanon Sutton, all of Woodinville, graduated from Central Washington University.