The Edwards Agency

JUNE 30, 1997



Celebrate the 4th in our local communities

4th of July The 4th of July will be celebrated in Bothell, Woodinville, and Carnation with a choice of major events: parades, entertainment, the reenactments of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, fireworks, and many other fun-filled activities.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are welcome and encouraged. Please send them to us at: P.O. Box 587 or 13342 NE 175th St. (Woodgate Mall); Woodinville, WA 98072; or deliver them to our office. They may also be faxed to (206) 486-7593. Letters must be signed and must include a daytime telephone number for confirmation. They may be edited.

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Letter of Intent with Football Northwest Statement

Seahawks football Two years ago, we voted down baseball, and unlike the Seattle Mariners and many legislators, I respect the choice of the voters. I will not work against the proposal to build a new football stadium, nor will I obstruct or reverse the decision of the voters.

What is the history of Frisbee playing?

Frisbee playing I am conducting research into the origin and history of Frisbee playing. This American pastime, now played as an organized sport in 35 countries, "probably" started at a college or summer camp located in the USA.

Thank you to the district office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service

US citizenship With the Fourth of July approaching, I would like to take a moment to say "thank you" to the district office of a federal agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service. It is a note of thanks echoed by literally hundreds of thousands of new Americans every year.

Liberty vs. Security

Liberty vs. Security Our celebration of Independence Day this July 4th gives us pause to remember the wisdom of our founding fathers. These wise men were great analysts of what it was which denied men, created equal by God, their God-given rights of liberty.

Teen work training available

Teen Work program Training is available for young teens through a program headed by Kerri O'Leary [Teen Work program sponsored by Teen Northshore], the idea being to get them interested in working and saving money.

A Woodinville Garden Club thank you

Garden Club Each year on Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, the Woodinville Garden Club sponsors a plant sale. We are a non-profit organization and our proceeds go for the beautification and support of our community.

Development in Duvall

Duvall development I had to chuckle when I read the article "Residents angry over new development" (Valley View, June 23). The article stated that neighbors of the proposed Alderwood Grove development are angry that there will be 27 single-family units built on 4.91 acres.

Something totally bizarre is going on here!

totally bizarre The Duvall Police told me they can't provide protection for pedestrians using the crosswalk across Main Street (several near hits there). Shortly afterwords, they announce they will have a "marine patrol" (using a borrowed boat) going up and down the river...!