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JUNE 30, 1997


Letter of Intent with Football Northwest Statement

Seahawks football (Editor's Note: This letter was written in response to the letter of intent approved by the King County Council last week.)
   Two years ago, we voted down baseball, and unlike the Seattle Mariners and many legislators who went around the process, I respect the choice of the voters. I will not work against the proposal to build a new football stadium, nor will I obstruct or reverse the decision of the voters.
   However, four years ago, I took an oath to uphold the constitution of the State of Washington and the Charter of King County. I personally believe that this action is a violation of that oath which prohibits government from giving a gift of public funds to a private individual. Therefore, I personally cannot vote for this Letter of Intent.
   As this government deliberates over specific elements of this legislation, I will decide each element on a case-by-case basis.

Maggi Fimia, King County Councilmember