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JUNE 30, 1997


What is the history of Frisbee playing?

Frisbee playing I am conducting research into the origin and history of Frisbee playing. This American pastime, now played as an organized sport in 35 countries, "probably" started at a college or summer camp located in the USA.
   However, more than one school has taken claim for inventing the game. The question is, "Where is the true birthplace of Frisbee playing?" And, equally important, "Where did the word 'Frisbee' originate?"
   Please send me any pre-1960 Frisbee playing evidence, including photographs, newspaper articles, and personal written accounts. Information on the former (1871-1958) Frisbie Pie Company is highly desirable. Perhaps some of your readers will be able to contribute to this history of Frisbee and finally set the record straight.

Victor Malafronte

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