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JUNE 30, 1997


A Woodinville Garden Club thank you

Garden Club Each year on Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, the Woodinville Garden Club sponsors a plant sale. We own a greenhouse in Woodinville where we raise from seed most of the plants we sell. We begin the seedlings in January and work parties are held every Wednesday and Saturday mornings until sale day. There are times, especially on warm spring days, when we feel guilty about not being in our own gardens toiling away, but we know our work in the greenhouse is for a good casue.
   We are a non-profit organization and our proceeds go for the beautification and support of our community. Last year, we donated a substantial amount of money to the new Wilmot Park. We take care of the plant boxes along the main street of Woodinville and at the library and we donate time and money to convalescent centers and hospices in the area. At this year's sale, we introduced several new features, one of which was a quilt, hand sewn and donated by one our members, Pixie Shefner, to be raffled off with the proceeds going to the newly-established Children's Country Home in Woodinville. We were thrilled with your generousity and, as a result, we are able to donate $277 to the home.
   We thank you for all your continued support and and look forward to seeing you next year at Ste. Michelle Winery for our sale.

Woodinville Garden Club