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JUNE 30, 1997


Development in Duvall

Duvall development I had to chuckle when I read the article "Residents angry over new development" (Valley View, June 23). The article stated that neighbors in the vicinity of the proposed Alderwood Grove development are angry that there will be 27 single-family units built on 4.91 acres. I live in close proximity to this proposed area.
   I purchased my home on 4.89 acres in 1973. At that time, there were no developments at all. I decided on this area because there were no neighbors, no noise, and no traffic; nothing except woods and tall trees which gave me the quiet and privacy that I wanted. Then the developments started.
   First it was Crestview, which developers practically clearcut to put in the homes. Then came Highland Grove, Taylor's Ridge, and Cameron Park, which the developers DID clearcut so the homes could be built. Then came the high school. All this new building resulted in increased traffic (with no major improvements to the roads in the last 24 years), more noise from kids, dogs, and people talking (you wouldn't believe how voices carry), and less of the beautiful, peaceful woodlands which brought me here to start with.
   So these residents are angry about additional developments going in? What do they think they live in? It was quoted that they moved to Duvall to get away from urban sprawl. They are the urban spawl they wanted to move away from. I can only hope that when I sell and move, the new owner will clearcut the property and build 27 homes!

Colleen Wardel, Duvall