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JUNE 30, 1997


Something totally bizarre is going on here!

totally bizarre The Duvall Police told me they can't provide protection for pedestrians using the crosswalk across Main Street between the old hardware store and the motor parts store (several near hits there). Shortly afterwords, they announce they will have a "marine patrol" (using a borrowed boat) going up and down the river...!
   Along SR-203 between Carnation and Monroe, the road in King County is a giant washboard, especially between Stillwater and NE 124th (MP 10-12). There was a multiple-fatality accident there that may have been partly attributable to the uneven surface a few years back. This highway begs for a decent foundation, roadway, and shoulders. Meanwhile, in Snohomish county (MP 19-21), if there's a small crack in the (relatively new) pavement, a maintenance crew runs out and repairs it right away.
   If my Washington license plates are expired, I'll expect to be pulled over the first time a police officer sees my car. But if I drive with out-of-state plates (expired or not), I can drive for months, even years, without being pulled over.
   What's wrong here?

Name withheld by request