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JUNE 30, 1997


Self portraits by local artists on display in Duvall

Carisa Hammons

Carisa Hammons, an associate at Duvall's Gardens and Sunspaces, demonstrates how artist Mike Ball sees himself.

local artists by Lisa Allen
An eclectic mix of self portraits by 22 local artists is on display at Gardens and Sunspaces Gallery on Duvall's Main Street. Called "The Face of 425," the exhibition of wall art reflects the personalities of the 22 artists, all residents of the new 425 area code. The artists used mixed media, including paintings, wood, quilts, and sculptures for their self portraits.
   "The artists didn't particularly paint faces of themselves," said Sunny Ruthchild, owner of Gardens and Sunspaces. "They are representations of self concepts."
   Artists include: Mike Ball, Mike Elledge, Lisa Sheets, Karla Rassmuson, Paula Strobel, Mark Edwards, Joy Worthen, Phyllis Uitti-Maslin, Suz Gentiluomo, Amanda Barth, Glenda Downs, Lori Peterson, Lynn Turner, Cala Dimitriou, Peggy Rita, Bruce Edwards, Shelley Skoropinski, Jean Bradbury, Wayne Maslin, Lorna Barth, Rosie Gremmert, and Tammy Adolfson.
   The art exhibition will continue for the next two weeks.