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JUNE 30, 1997


The Freed farm will be there

Oscar Roloff I've known Dennis and Ellen Freed of Bothell for nearly three decades. I knew his parents, too. His dad was a minister. I knew the two Freed kids. I projected then that the 2 teenagers would amount to something.

Destination Ethiopia for 21-year-old

Peace Corps volunteer At first, she hesitated. Ethiopia didn't sound like the safest place to live for two years. But after researching the country and opening her mind, Ellen Bek of Woodinville left the United States late June for a two-year program with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.

Hong Kong: the handover

Hong Kong Which is going to change more--Hong Kong or China--now that the former British Crown Colony is returning to Chinese sovereignty on Tuesday?

Mystery photo

Mystery photo Can you guess where this photo was taken?