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JUNE 30, 1997

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Celebrating wildflowers

wildflowers A summer-long flower show is opening in Washington's mountains. If you'd like to see this magnificent show and learn more about plant ecosystems, you are invited to join experts from the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and the Washington Native Plant Society on guided hikes during July and August.
   In early summer, you can expect to see blossoms such as the marsh marigold, wild strawberry, speedwell, monkeyflower, shooting star, and buttercup. By July, the mid-summer flowers begin to appear, including the California corn lily, white rhododendron, queen's cup, bluebell, and broadleaved lupine. During the late summer, there are meadows splashed with Indian paintbrush, monkshood, delphiniums, pussytoes, yarrow, and asters.
   Reservations will be required for these guided hikes. A list of the hikes and phone numbers for reservations is available by calling (425) 775-9702.