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JUNE 30, 1997

Local News

Public hearing set for realignment of Kaysner Way intersection


The intersection of Kaysner Way and State Route 522.
Photo by Andrew Walgamott/Northwest News.

intersection realignment by Andrew Walgamott
The Daytona 500-style slip ramp from State Route 522 onto Kaysner Way may soon be eliminated as METRO and Bothell work to realign the intersection and reroute buses from Main Street.
   The Bothell Planning Commission held a public hearing June 25 for a conditional use permit for METRO's project at the intersection of Kaysner and SR-522. METRO's proposal includes building a right-turn-only lane on SR-522 approaching the intersection. The one-way street off SR-522 onto Kaysner would be eliminated and the intersection made into a four-way stop. The realignment would slow traffic coming off westbound SR-522 onto Kaysner.
   After "traffic calming" changes are made to the intersection, METRO would build a bus stop on the north side of Kaysner as the street climbs to Main Street, near where a bus stop stood several years ago. This would allow METRO to move one bus route off of Main Street where traffic backups occur behind buses making stops. A crosswalk would be marked across Kaysner. METRO must also apply for grading, utility, and right-of-way permits.
   When METRO expanded the Bothell Park and Ride in 1993, one of the conditions of the project was to remove the bus stop on the north side of Kaysner and abandon the crosswalk to the Park & Ride, according to Co-Interim Community Development Director Duane Bowman. In the early 1990s, a mother and baby using a crosswalk were struck by a vehicle and killed.
   According to Bothell Public Works documents, 1 percent of vehicles coming off of SR-522 hit Kaysner at 50 miles per hour. METRO and city staff have worked for several years to find an alternative bus loading zone with as many as nine different sites being considered. A site on the south side of SR-522 fell through when a property owner declined to sell METRO an easement.
   Bothell and METRO recently agreed that building a bus stop on the north side of Kaysner would be more safe and convenient after traffic was rerouted and slowed at the intersection.
   Public hearings on METRO's permit will resume July 17 at 7 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall.