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JUNE 30, 1997

Local News

Woodin Creek Park transfer celebrated

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Muriel Bozarth and Roger Sanders cut the ribbon for Woodin Creek Park.

Woodin Creek Park Woodin Creek Park was officially transferred from King County to the city of Woodinville last weekend. Under sunny skies, members of the Woodinville City Council and Parks & Recreation Department joined citizens last Saturday afternoon for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the park formerly known as Waterford on the South Bypass. Afterwards, cake and ice cream was served to the gathered, followed by a basketball tournament and horseshoe throwing competitions.
   Woodinville Parks & Recreation's Lane Youngblood says the name change should facilitate more public use for the park which is hidden between blocks of the Waterford Apartments. The name also honors the first white settlers in the area, the Woodin family, whom Woodinville is named after. The second wedded couple in Seattle, Ira and Susan Woodin came to Woodinville in 1871. The family ran the area's first post office, school, and store out of their home, and deeded the land for Woodinville's downtown Memorial Cemetery.
   Woodin Park Creek amenities include tennis courts, a horseshoe pit, a basketball court, and a covered picnic area.