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JULY 14, 1997


Something smells in the Snoqualmie Valley and we're not talking about the cows!

As adults we have all learned one of life's painful lessons: It's not what you know and how well you do, it's WHO you know and what THEY do. Too bad our kids had to learn this at ages 11 & 12. Anyone living in the valley this time of year knows that it's baseball season. For the past three months every field from Duvall to Fall City has been alive with players and coaches giving their all for the team. Many hours of practices, some in the rain and cold. For the chance to have a good season, maybe even a great one. Well, our kids had the season, or so we thought, until they were handed a paper certificate that read 2nd place!? Now how can that be when we were tied for first place, and no play of game had been played.

   The president of the S.V.N.L.L announced at the tournament game (we won the tournament) that our team was the 2nd place team, determined by a flip of the coin. Our coaches did not agree with this method, but their opinions didn't matter as they went with the coin toss anyway.

   Sounds of disbelief came from the crowd. As the president exclaimed "This is for the kids!" we all sat and wondered what kids he may have been talking about. He certainly was not referring to our kids, he must have been talking to the other 1st place team! We feel an injustice was done to both 1st place teams. They each had the right to win the championship title by playing a play off game. If that game could not be played, for whatever reason, a co-championship should have been offered to both teams. We say shame on you Mr. President and members of the league! These boys deserve better than that. They have all worked hard to come this far, and a coin toss is just not good enough.

   So the next time you're driving through our beautiful valley and you think you smell something, remember it's not only the cows that smell. It might be the S.V.N.L.L.! We would like to congratulate the 1997 Mariners (Majors) on their co-1st place title. Manager: Bob Suman. Co Manager: Tom McGinnis. Players: Ronnie Basinger, Coy Chittenden, Tyler Connelly, Jason Danielson, Gavin Harrold, Erik Landro, Russel McGinnis, Kyle Patterson, Jesse Petterson, Jesse Pettersen, Kyle Pierce, Orie Short, Joshua Suman. Great job team!
   -Friends of the Mariners