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JULY 14, 1997


Ring Hill article contains inaccuracies

Dear Editor:

   The article in the Woodinville Weekly, July 7, on the Department of Development and Environmental Services' nonsignificance of the commerical cellular phone tower on Ring Hill contains a mixed message and half-truths from the DDES. The King County Emergency Management Division calls the 300 foot tower, like the one just south of Monroe, WA, an emergency tower. That statement only half-true, for a 60,000 volts generator will power the microwave emissions in addition to the radio waves to be used during an emergency. Commercial cellular phone companies will also be using the tower every second of the day.

   The DDES community meeting notice of March 6, 1997 states that 2 initial microwave dishes will be erected, one at the 140 level and one 8 footer at the 140 foot lever; however, two more dishes will be added one at the 140 level and one 180 foot level. That's a total of 4 dishes, not two as mentioned in the news article. There will be 5 omni-directional antennae at first, then 6 more later, and then 3 more making a total of 14 omni-directional antennae, not 11 as reported.

   The above WW article states that public comment will last two weeks after notifications are published in local papers, and comments can be mailed to the DDES address as shown. That sounds good but is it?
   On July 1, the DDES issued a notice of nonsignificance in which comments would be allowed until postmark July 16, 1997; however, on July 7, the DDES issued a second notice mentioning only appeals and a fee of $125.00 for each appeal. Then on July 8, a third notice was mailed inidicating that a permit has been allowed. It's all cut and dried. Comment following the July 7 WW article on the 300 foot commercial cellular phone tower will be too late.

   For the record it is called, "King County 800 Megahertz Emergency Radio System". This is a half-truth which is deceptive when actually it's a tower, emitting commerical cellular phone volts. A topography map will show other higheer ground capable of operating equally as well, and with less impact because of fewer residents. Louise Miller, councilperson, District 3, gives her approval of the deceptive eyesore.


   George F. Slusser