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JULY 14, 1997


Don't buy- fix

Dear Dave Clark:

   My neighbor, Peter Hauck, told me you called this morning concerned about the river rising over our roadway. Thank you for being concerned. Let's see if I understand this . . . according to press reports, FEMA has awarded King County "more than $2,000,000 . . . to repair flood damage on the East Side." And that includes "$201,891 to buy two flood-prone homes near Fall City and seven outside Carnation."

   Assuming the seven homes outside Carnation are those which house my family and the familie of my six neighbors, I urge you to consider instead using that amount of federal dollars (our taxes) to fix the problem. Then we can continue living in our homes (which don't flood anyway) . . . it's only the road that floods and gets washed away. The river will remain where it is instead of charting a new course through the woods which would stack huge amounts of debris downstream, probably to jam up at the railroad/trail bridge at Remlinger Farms, flooding most of Carnation. And King County won't have to raise the Tolt River Road in four places to continue to serve the many homes upriver from Carnation.

   Seems to me an initiative to use those dollars to stabilize the riverbank is prudent. Whereas, to spend it formulating a proposal to buy nine waterfront homes with only $201,891 in the kitty seems. . . well, you know, far-fetched. Even if our homes were to be aquired and destroyed, the problem will still exist; the river will still change its course; then millions of dollars will be spent trying to clean up the mess!

   Cooperation is the key. We will help you solve the problem (riprapping a river bank is a common and ongoing practice in King County and has already been done at some sites along the Tolt River) if Surface Water Management will cooperate with Carnation, Washington State, and the Federal Government to avoid a man-made disaster.

   Can we work together?


   Maurice McEndree, Carnation, WA