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JULY 14, 1997


Get involved - run from office

I've been reading with great interest the last two letters to the editor from Duvall residents about the high density development moving into their neighborhood. One letter was from a longtime resident and the other from a relative newcomer. Both were feeling dismay. Both were longing for the peace and quiet of a rural community, the rural community they moved here for.

   I have a suggestion for them (and anyone else living in Duvall with similar feelings). . . get involved in your local government. Run for a position on the Duvall City Council. As long as you continue to vote for individuals with business interests in Duvall you will continue to get far more growth and high densities than you bargained for. Soon your rural community will be the urban place you came from. And don't believe those in power when they tell you they are only doing what the Growth Management Act (GMA) requires them to do. There is far more leeway in the GAM for the rural activity centers than they would have you believe.

   If you truly want Duvall to remain a community with the quality of life you were looking for, the only answer is to get involved and start forming the kind of city where you want to live. Don't sit back and expect someone else to do it. They won't.

   Candance Beardslee, A King County resident living new Duvall

   P.S. In the last issue of this paper there was a notice from the City of Duvall that there would soon be a vacancy on the City Council and for anyone interested in the position to apply.