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JULY 14, 1997


Computer Game Review: Pajama Jam's Sock Works

by Rick Brewster

   In Pajama Jam's Sock Works, you help Sam sort his socks using the Sock-O-Matic Mark III. It's your job to flip the right switches to send the right colored sock to the right colored basket. You'll toggle the direction of conveyor belts, open gates and use little "pushers" to get the socks where they need to go.

   In order to finish a level, you'll need to guide the different socks into their own basket. You want to make sure to get the sock into the correct basket, as sometimes there can be several socks, each with its own idea of where it should go. The graphics and animations are of the usual high quality you'd expect from Humongous, as are the sound effects. Push an object and it springs into life and let's out it's own unique noise.

   This is a high-quality game for kids 3 to 8, and one I wouldn't hestitate to buy.

   Created by: Humongous Entertainment

   Publisher: Humongous Entertainment

   Category: Education/Kids, Puzzle/Problem Solving

   Price: $14.95

   Highs: Quick to get into; addictive; Inexpensive

   Lows: Sometimes levels are too easy

   Star Rating:
* * * *

   Star Ratings Key

   1 *: Don't waste your time

   2 **: Not that good; nothing special

   3 ***: Good game; worth checking out if you're into that category

   4 ****: Excellent game; highly reccomended

   5 *****: Instant classic; buy it now!