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JULY 14, 1997

Front Page

Appeals filed for 300-foot tower

by Andrew Walgamott

   As was expected by King County officials, appeals were filed on the Ring Hill communications tower proposal last week. The Saybrook Homeowners Association, represented by David Mann of Seattle's Bricklin and Gendler, LLP, filed appeals of the conditional use permit and determination of nonsignificance for the 300-foot tower with the King County Hearing Examiner July 9. They contend the tower, to be built on a portion of a 75.59-acre county-owned parcel formerly used as a landfill, is not compatible with the rural neighborhood and would result in harm to the environment and reduce property values.

   King County Emergency Management Division has been proposing a three-sided, guy-wire supported, 800 megahertz communications facility at Ring Hill that would link police, fire, aid and emergency crews county-wide.
   The appeal alleges that the proposed tower will have a significant impact on the environment from noise, surface water runoff and loss of open space. It also contends that the tower is incompatible with the surrounding community due to its proposed height, size and appearance and will reduce property values.

   The association is asking the county to reverse the determination of nonsignificance, prepare an environmental impact statement or study an alternative site. The county had not received the appeal by press time and couldn't comment. Further appeals are expected.