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JULY 14, 1997

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Ask Dr. Henry: Natural methods to eliminate warts

Q: Are there any natural treatments for warts?

   A: Warts, which seem to be caused in most cases by a variety of skin viruses, have been around for thousands of years. References to warts are made in various early written works (including the Bible). After all these years, treatments remain wide and varied.

   Medical doctors freeze, chemically burn or surgically cut off warts. But there are also many natural approaches to wart treatment. Some herbal remedies applied to the skin are thuja tincture, milk of bitter root herbs, milk weed juice, tea tree oil and dandelion stalk juice. These are available in health food stores. Other topical remedies (i.e. applied directly to the wart) involve the use of fresh garlic slice applied with tape over the wart, bandages soaked in castor oil and applied for three to five days, and Vitamin A, Vitamin C crystal or powder paste or Vitamin E oil applied daily until the wart is gone. If you experience any irritation from any of these methods, stop immediately and seek medical attention.

   Simply covering the wart (keeping it in the dark) with a band aid for a week at a time has been effective. I have also found that soaking the wart in a very concentrated solution of salt of pickle juice (or floating in the Great Salt Lake or Dead Sea) has caused warts to disappear. Nutritional approaches include the use of Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, L-cysteine, Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Vitamin E and high doses of Vitamin A for five days, followed by reduced doses. For exact dosages, please consult a health care provider familiar with the use of vitamins and nutrients.

   People, especially children, have also been able to "will" their warts away by powerful suggestive techniques, hypnotherapy, visualization exercises and incentive or reward for removal.
   What seems most apparent is that warts are highly sensitive to changes in our immune system, changes which can be produced by any number of methods.