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JULY 14, 1997

Local News

Planning commission recommends Falcon Ridge

  The Bothell Planning Commission recommended approval of the Falcon Ridge housing development, despite opponents' arguments that tree removal may have adverse effects on local housing.

Rapist gets 16 years

  A Woodinville man will serve 198 months in prison for raping his girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter on multiple occasions.

Miller announces reelection bid

  Woodinville mayor Bob Miller, one of Woodinville's first city council members and a former deputy mayor, will be seeking reelection to the Woodinville City Council this fall.

Brocha announces re-election

  Woodinville Deputy Mayor Don Brocha will seek re-election to Woodinville City Council this fall. Developing a downtown master plan is an issue on which he intends to focus.

Attempted abduction in English Hill

  Police advise English Hill residents to take extra care of their children after two unknown suspects attempted to abduct a 7-year-old late last June.

Lightning-damaged trees taken down

  Lightning struck the Woodinville Howell residence during a July 5 storm. Trees and electrical appliances suffered damage, but no one was injured.

Tobacco icons off of county billboards by 1998

  Say good-bye to the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel, who will be gone from King County billboards by January of 1998 as part of a joint decision between advertising company AK Media/NW and the King County Board of Health.

Wastewater pipeline, pump station project to begin

  King County will soon begin work on a $45 million 4.5 mile long pipeline to divert wastewater from a Woodinville sewage line, which is nearing full capacity.

Temporary work on flood-prone creek begins: County, city assess relocating Trib 90

  Temporary work begins on troublesome Trib 90 to expand the stream bed even as the city and county agree to investigate relocating the stream to its historic path. Trib 90 originates in King County and damages Woodinville roads when it floods.

On-site rec space shrunk: 55-foot limit for Sirkin property

  On-site recreation space requirements for new industrial and office development continues to shrink as the city council closes in on final adoption of its amended development regulations. Passage is expected July 14 with the law becoming effective by the end of the month.

Paint fumes send dozen to hospital

  A Woodinville warehouse is evacuated after paint fumes overcome employees. A dozen are sent to the hospital complaining of dizziness and breathing problems.

Mystery miles on WWD truck added to audit

  Misuse of public funds and equipment charges build against Woodinville Water District Commissioner Walter Backstrom. District documents show 1,000 miles put on district vehicle one week after Backstrom borrowed the vehicle for one night.

Family asks for information after father killed in hit and run

  The daughter of a Bothell man killed in a hit-and-run accident near Clearview asks for the public's help in finding a 1981-1987 GMC or Chevy truck seen fleeing the scene. Denise Bresee suspects that the damaged truck may be hidden, and the owner a local resident.

Police Beat

  Woodinville police reported an unusually high number of commercial burglaries last week. A steam cleaner, CDs, wood models and easels are among the items stolen.

Horse Whisperer benefits Little Bit

  Members of the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club donated $3,800 to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center for the Horse Whisperer clinic with Frank Bell.