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JULY 14, 1997

Local News

Paint fumes send dozen to hospital

More than 45 employees of Precor in Woodinville had to be evacuated last Wednesday when co-workers were overcome by paint fumes causing headaches, nausea and breathing problems. A dozen employees of the manufacturing warehouse on the 20100 block of 142nd Avenue N.E. were taken to Evergreen Hospital and later released, according to Dominic Marzano, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District deputy chief.

   According to company officials, at around 2:30 p.m. paint fumes from an equipment painting operation, magnified by an open oven door, were spread into the 45,000 square foot building's ventilation system, causing employees to become ill. All workers were evacuated to the building's parking lot. WFLSD determined the building was safe several hours later, and the employees were allowed to gather their belongings and go home early. Work resumed Thursday.

   Precor manufactures fitness products at their Woodinville plant.