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JULY 14, 1997

Local News

Attempted abduction in English Hill

King County police are on the alert for two white males following an attempted child abduction in Redmond in late June. According to police spokesperson Joanne Elledge, a 7-year-old boy was riding his bike eastbound June 23 in English Hill on N.E. 131st Street near 175th Avenue N.E. when an older, reddish-brown "beater" car came toward him. The vehicle slowed down and pulled onto the shoulder. The passenger, who was standing on the seat of the vehicle and leaning out the window, attempted to grab the boy off the bike as he rode past.

   The boy screamed "get away" and pedaled as fast as he could away from the car. The vehicle drove off, but turned around and headed back toward the boy, who was able to reach safety at a friend's house. The boy described the suspects as 50- to 55-year-old white males with shoulder length hair. The passenger had brown hair, and the driver sported green locks. On July 1, residents reported a car similar to the one used in the attempted abduction, but responding police found nothing at the scene.

   Elledge said police are still searching for the vehicle and men matching the description. In the meantime she advised children to inform their parents of anything unusual in the neighborhood. "If you see anybody suspicious, stay away. Go home and tell Mom and Dad," Elledge said.