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JULY 14, 1997

Local News

Temporary work on flood-prone creek begins:

by Andrew Walgamott

   Work on Trib 90 is expected to begin soon, even as the county and city consider relocating the channel of the troublesome creek that flows past the Hollywood Schoolhouse to its historic path. In a letter to King County Councilmember Louise Miller, Mayor Bob Miller says the city of Woodinville is interested in working with King County "to explore the feasibility, costs and benefits of implementing a stream location plan for Tributary 90." The letter must be approved by the council before it is sent.

   Trib 90 flows out of unincorporated King County along N.E. 146th Place and into Woodinville near the Hollywood Schoolhouse. Several times in the past few years, Trib 90 has spread floodwaters and sediment over 148th Avenue N.E., closing and damaging the road and nearby homes and businesses. The letter further encourages the county and city to work together on Trib 87 which also flows out of King County into Woodinville and has been susceptible to flooding along 140th Avenue N.E.

   Meanwhile, this summer crews will be enlarging the bed of Trib 90 near the schoolhouse and along 148th Avenue N.E.
   A 90-degree bend in the creek at the schoolhouse will be curved more naturally. Oversize culverts will also be installed. Work will be done during the July to August "fish window." One lane of 148th Avenue N.E. will be closed for approximately one month. "This is a temporary measure while King County and Woodinville look at the feasibility of relocating the stream," said Ron Cameron, Woodinville public works director.

   In a letter to the city, Councilmember Miller notes the work this year will only move sediment and floodwater more efficiently, thereby flooding downstream areas, and will not do much to improve habitat in the ditch. Also, she notes Woodinville will eventually widen 148th and the stream in its current location will only hinder those efforts.