The Edwards Agency

JULY 21, 1997



Reminder: Hepatitis B vaccine required before school

 All children enrolled in daycare, preschool or kindergarten must have a series of three Hepatitis B vaccinations by September. Those who fail to meet these requirements will not be allowed to return to school.

Letters to the Editor

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Little League Is For Kids

 This year's Little League All-Star season is under way, and many of the adults involved are as determined as ever to win baseball games at the expense of children. Is winning really really worth the cost?

Civil War On Hollywood Hill

  The deafening explosions, booms and shrieks surrounded us. The frantic horses had no way to escape. They did not know they were in "horse friendly" Hollywood Hill/Woodinville.

Is the City of Woodinville reinventing the wheel?

 Is the City of Woodinville reinventing the wheel when bringing up the (old) subject of relocating the Hollywood Schoolhouse stream "to its historic"?

Independence Day Lessons from China

 While the city of Hong Kong is a prosperous jewel, our image of China is less glowing - the smoggy cities of Shanghai, the polluted rivers where fish populations have been decimated.