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JULY 21, 1997


Civil War On Hollywood Hill

  The deafening explosions, booms and shrieks surrounded us. The frantic horses had no way to escape. They did not know they were in "horse friendly" Hollywood Hill/Woodinville. The house and the barn shook with every illegal firework and most were, by there intensity, definitely illegal. The dog although tranquilized, shook underneath the table, and the cats cried.
   The unfriendly noise came continuously until 2 a.m. The law states fireworks are legal from 9:00 a.m. until midnight only on July 4. A neighbor did not start his until after midnight. We were lucky this year as one landed a foot away from dry shavings. Last year one of his projectiles bounced off our barn roof landing right in front of a horse's stall, resulting in an expensive veterinarian bill the next morning. I wonder how many residents of Hollywood Hill had veterinarian bills or animals disappeared?
   The fireworks started three days before July 4 and continue even now, three days later. It is not possible to enforce the restrictions, so eliminate the need to. All our smart neighbors in Kirkland, Redmond, Edmonds, etc. have banned private fireworks. All the troops, who think it is fun to cause such stress to living things, will be back next year. As the battlefields are eliminated, we could have a W.W. II here. Please ban fireworks. Give back the 4th so we can all enjoy it. If this madness continues next year, we invite the Woodinville Chamber of Council members and King County Council members to our house next July 4. We would be interested in how long they will stay.
   Sharon Freudenberger