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JULY 21, 1997


Horsehead Sculpture Project '97

  Artists Ken Parker (N. Ireland) and Kazumi Tanaka (Japan) will participate in this year's roster at the Horsehead Sculpture Project. Horsehead is actively seeking to establish exchanges with Northern Ireland artists. Ken Parker is the first participant from Belfast and will be teaching at Pratt Arts Center for a week intensive.
   Seattle favorites Michael McCafferty, Lisa Buchanan, David Nechack and Ken Leback will continue their experiments with outdoor sites. Fitzgerald DeFreitas promises to delight with another installation a la Carnival. Works by Reis Niemi, Sheilia Klien and a collaborative piece by Aristotle Georgiades and Gail Simpson will easily widen the spectrum of visual delights and enigmatic propositions, creating another Horsehead extravaganza at the Duvall site.
   The event will be held July 27, from 3 to 6 p.m.
   Artists to participate: Michael McCafferty, Fitzgerald DeFreitas, David Nechack, Richard Spaulding, Lisa Buchanan, Rolon Bert Garner, Ken Leback, Mark Reeves, Kristin Tollefson, Kazumi Tanaka, Ken Parker, Sheila Klein, Carol Harlow, Tom Gormally, Gail Simpson & Aristotle Georgiades, Ries Niemi, Paul Sorey, David Anderson.