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JULY 21, 1997


Boy Scouts compete in annual Camporee

  Each year the Challenge continues at Camporee, where the Boy Scout Troops of North Lakes District use their skills of Pioneering, First Aid, Orienting, Outdoor Skills (Wilderness Survival, Ten Essentials, Tracking & Nature), Leave No Trace and Scout Skills (Knife, Ax and Fire Building) in competition within their own patrols and with other participating troops. The emphasis of Camporee is to have fun while following the scout oath and law, and by demonstrating knowledge and adherence to the outdoor code.
   The main activity at Camporee is the Saturday morning event competition. The primary goal of this activity is for the scouts to have fun and demonstrate their scout skills by applying them to a real life challenge.
   Among the awards Troop 420 won at the event was the "10 Best, Troop Sights Award" with their construction of the turn stile entry way. Camporee regulations specify it must be built with poles and only lashed together with proper scout knots. The Flaming Arrow Patrol of Troop 420 received second in the pioneering competition.
   BSA Troop 420, Bothell Camporee campsite entry. L-Right photo: Front Row: Greg Ryan, Kevin Boyle, Jonathan Baker, Lukas Sjoquist, Kian Mohgeri. Middle Row: Jeff Sorensen, Sean Kellogg, Kyle Eichenberger, Aaron Sallee, Caasey Carlson, Sebastian Lew, Ian Somppi, Kevin Benn, Jonathon O'Connell. Back Row: Spencer Smith, McGarry Orcheltree, Scott Petrie, Joe Wagner.