The Edwards Agency

JULY 21, 1997

Front Page

Neighbors banding together against noisy pipeline: 'Thump' dampers to be installed month early

 Neighbors of a noisy natural gas pipeline east of Woodinville are banding together to force the operators to quiet their line and address their safety and property value concerns. For their part, Northwest Pipeline officials have fast tracked projects to quiet compressor generated pipeline noise.

Firefighters to the rescue- on bicycles?

 Following a growing trend in U.S. fire stations, Woodinville firefighters are using bicycles to come to people's rescue. Bicycles are quick and mobile, not to mention novel ideas.

Yard sale donations to benefit cancer victim

 A Woodinville family is asking the public for donations for a yard sale to benefit their mother who is recovering from an inoperable brain tumor needs. Linda Evans undergoes once-a-month alternative medical treatment which costs $8,000-$9,000 a trip and isn't covered by the family's medical insurance.